Twenty-five dollars’ worth of shower magic


Sure, it’s clean. But, this shower is so small, you can barely turn around in there!

Of course a shower caddy is the obvious solution. BUT! the long arm of the shower head is not friendly. A shower caddy would slide all over the place.

This leaves the soap dish as the only storage spot to speak of. And storing a razor on top of soap is risky business.


We’ve got to get this stuff off of the floor to make room for an actual person.


So, Are you ready for this genius organizing solution?

Install an extra tension rod (most are well under $10) above the shower head.


Then hang the shower caddy (around $20) on the rod.


And there you have it! Once you thin out the (mostly empty) containers of shampoo and keep only one of each item, you are looking at a clutter-free, teeny shower stall with nothing on the floor.


File under: Bang for your 25 bucks!