Hit me with your best shot — fire awaaaay!

Me and Jeff at the fair

Let's Eat!

August 4, 2011

Fried oreo, check!   Fried Thin Mint cookie, check!  Chili Fries, check!  Fried avocado, jalapeno popper wrapped in bacon, turkey leg, check and check!  We had a lot of ridiculous food last night at the OC Fair which this year is titled Let’s Eat.  I guess the powers-that-be at the fair were sick of fighting it and ready to embrace what I find disgusting and shameful about America.  Hey, I know what we can call the fair–Let’s Eat!  Bring on the diabetes and aching joints, clogged arteries and hypertension.  It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Sure it was yummy, but all of this food and even a cocktail made from fresh watermelon was not the highlight of the fair for me.  No, my favorite thing was Pat Benatar and her husband, Neil Giraldo, rocking the Pacific Ampitheater like it was 1984.  I have never pegged myself a Benatar fan.  But I knew most of the songs by heart and danced my tushy off regardless of whether I knew the words or not.

Did you know that on my birthday, August 1st, in 1981 Pay Benatar’s video “You Better Run” was the 2nd to ever be aired on MTV?  Now that is something to brag about.  She was no flash in the pan and no one-hit wonder.  What’s more, her husband co-wrote nearly all of her hits and… they are still together!  The songs are about love and fighting, sex and fighting and love.  “I Want Out” comes to mind.  Seems there is something to be said for airing your dirty laundry on commercial radio for the world to hear.  Because, either they are pretty great actors both, or they are still in l.o.v.e.—over 30 years later–battlefield or no.

Everyone within earshot jumped out of their seats and put up their dukes for Hit Me with Your Best Shot, my favorite song of the night.  It came on the heels of a semi-acoustic version of We Belong.  Even my jaded-pop-song-averse-jazz-loving husband had a great time.  The whole thing reminded us both of our childhoods and prompted more than one text to each of our younger sisters, the only friends/dance partners we have on left speed dial from our 80s social lives.

There are lots of things about which I am ashamed of my homeland, but 80s rock will never be one of those.  And any lady who can still scream out a song like that at age 58 is a national treasure in my mind.  My sincere thanks to our great friends, Mark and Tina, for the tickets, the treats and for the fun!