Keep it at kid level when organizing for children

Get Organized Already just organized another child’s room in Altadena. So much color! I love it.

This little guy is 4. So, he was away at pre-school while Mom, my rock star assistant Michelle, and I worked a little organizing magic in there.

Important to this story are Mom’s goals for the room shown b4 over there –>

•organize the closet with storage solutions
•improve the flow of the furniture

Also of note, they have a den with lots of kid stuff in it. They were amenable to moving things from one area to the other if needed.

She definitely wanted something different for the books because they were hard to remove from the wicker shelves in the b4 picture above to the left.

So, we pulled in a black storage piece from the den (which was a little too crowded anyway) and set that up for book storage in the same corner. Everything is at 4-year-old level.

The closet was so spacious and underutilized! To remedy that I brought in hanging sweater bags, the only extra cost for this project, at a mere $30 for both.

And look at the storage space we gained for his clothes–again at his level.
(Higher compartments are filled w out-of-season things for rotation later.)

A big lover of stuffed animals, now when he opens the left side of the closet he find a toy store’s equivalent of fluffy animal love!

We also put all linens for this room in the closet, labelled of course.

The dresser in the Murphy bed nook was broken. Bye bye!

The toys are organized and stored in there now (Ikea storage you probably recognize) and there is room there by the lamp for a glider, or a desk, or table as he grows to need it.

This was really fun! No big price tag, but lots of WOW factor for Junior.


Organizing a kid’s room in Eagle Rock: rock on!

Check out this new video from Get Organized Already working in 90041 – Eagle Rock.

51/2 year-old Toby was so excited after his room re-do he started labeling the bins himself the next day!

Your child’s room probably has too many toys in it. Thin them out and get organized already.

You can do it! Because if you step on one. more. lego–you may lose your mind.


Professional Organizing Services for Eagle Rock and NELA


Thank you, Alli, at Your Little Movie for editing and directing this video.

Not-so-extreme Home Makeover: Organized people need help, too

Sometimes mamas just need a little extra motivation or an extra pair of hands to get on top of a corner of the house.  These photos are from a client who is one of the most organized people I have helped.  As organized as she is, her husband is even more so!   So, she called me in to whip her girls’ room into even better shape than it was in.  It didn’t take long, but it did make a difference to her family.  Now there are no more piles of books on the floor, the toys are in sections for each daughter, and many of the stuffed animals have moved on to more loving homes.

You don’t have to be an extreme clutterer to benefit from a little professional organizing love!

girls' room BEFORE

girls' room AFTER

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