Organize your drawers to your comfort level

Don’t get me wrong, it is VERY important to organize your drawers. (After all, I don’t want anyone revoking my NAPO* status!) When it comes to your clothes it is imperative to know what you have and to wear it–to actually put on the clothes in your drawers.

This as opposed to keeping clothes you don’t love around with the hope that one day in the future you will want to put them on. That is silly nonsense.

Keeping things that are too small is only making you feel fat and guilty. Clothes are supposed to make you feel fabulous and confident.

I digress.

While it is important to organize your drawers, it is important to understand that organization looks different to everyone.

Get Organized Already

This photo (left) is the wardrobe of a boy in grade school. He doesn’t care if his clothes are ever folded. So, his mom stopped folding them. GOLD STAR FOR MOM! For some mother’s this would never fly. But, if you want to teach your children to be independent, the big trick is to relax your standards a little bit. If your kids put away their own clothes, this may be the result. A relatively small price to pay for knocking one more chore off of your list FOR-EV-A!

To the right is the t-shirt drawer of a pretty organized guy and I wouldn’t recommend this method unless you are a diligent folder of your clothes. The drawer is only a little deeper than most. This tidy look takes only a few extra seconds to file folded shirts away instead of putting them on top of a pile in the drawer.

(note: His socks on the side don’t get matched–nothing to get too upset about in my opinion.)

He can see every t-shirt in there and remember to wear a lot more of them this way. I bet you have a rad Def Leopard t-shirt hiding in your drawer that you have forgotten!

***Organizer Bonus Tips:

  • Your drawers are your business. Don’t make them look like a magazine if that means you will be disappointed in yourself for not keeping it up after a few months.
  • Go through drawers twice a year to do a seasonal swap-eroony and thin them out during the process.
  • Or, stick to the “one in—one out” rule and you’ll be good to go all year long.

Need help with your drawers, closets, or entire house? Call Nonnahs today and Get Organized Already will swoop to your rescue!


*NAPO= National Association of Professional Organizers


Kitchen organizing inspiration with the lovely, Ms Magrath

At our bookclub meeting last week my friend Monette got all giggly and excited to show me her kitchen cabinets. (This is the kind of social situation you find yourself in when you declare yourself a professional organizer. That, and everyone tells you about their neighbor/aunt/crazy grandfather who was “for sure a hoarder”.)

Seriously, though. This is a friend for whom I have done a little organizing. She supported my business in its infancy by hiring me to help with her home office and a closet. Evidently my tips for her during those sessions a couple of years ago made an impression!

She now gleefully promised me that I was the inspiration behind her decision to move her seldom used bake-ware to her top cabinets and bring down the heavy corning ware and pyrex to put in its place. Also, she moved lighter things like linens up high and put heavy things lower where they are easy to get out. And something as simple as that was now inspiring greatness in her kitchen!


But, Wait! That’s not all!

Look what she had done to her make-up drawer. “You don’t understand, Nonnahs. You should have seen it before! It was a nightmare!” So, here it is and I am beyond impressed (and a little proud).

What items do you use often that are currently too far out of reach? Do a switch-er-oo for yourself and tell me all about it!

Our mom she’s so house-proud: Organizing your house

I need to know, are you house-proud?

Even if your house is not the perfect place you dream of, do you dream of it?  Are you always striving for a prettier place to spend your family time?

There must be a lot of people out there dreaming about a house without clutter because Pottery Barn is making a mint.  Because when you are selling your house, you gotta stage that business!  People don’t want to see your mess, your clutter.  People want to envision themselves living in the house and in order for them to fork over hundreds of thousands of (pretend) dollars to achieve this goal, they can’t be staring at your To Do list in the form of laundry, broken appliances and stuff to sell on eBay.  A huge part of buying a new home has got to be the chance to start with a clean palate.  Less stuff.

Am I right?  Or am I just obsessed with minimalist living?  I’m prepared for either answer.  Promise.

Nothing gives me more pleasure around my house than making it look neater.  It could always be neater.  And because this is so important to me, most of the time my house does look good.  So, I’m wondering what percentage of the population don’t make it a priority because it isn’t that important.  What percentage of you have visions of grandeur in the housewares aisle and buy a cart of Target-ness only to come home and find it looks not-really-as-perfect-as-you-were-hoping/bad?  And then what percentage of the population could give a twinkie whether or not the cabinets even close as long as they have food and a comfy couch?

Do tell!

Professional organizing is all the rage right now and sure, it makes me giggly because it’s my favorite thing to do—organize your stuff.  But, I want to help people feel better–to really help you.  So, if you have the system in place, the limits set, can you keep it up?  Is it really important to you?  Maybe it’s important to your partner.  Maybe it’s important to your mother-in-law.  What is your story?