Cleaning up the Christmas crap

I sit here in my newly un-decorated living room with mixed emotions.

I’m happy because it’s over. The tree can’t stay up forever. I mean, what would people say if a professional organizer left the wreath on the door and the lights on the roof until March?

I’m also sad because it’s over. Christmas is the happiest time of the year in this house—not just December 24th and 25th—the whole season. It is the time of year when I am living in each moment the most. I am glad to wake up each morning and thankful for all of the seasonal things to be done. It is my busiest time at work which also makes me feel fulfilled and grateful. I love December! All of those little red and green decorations around the house remind me to stop and take breath—to drink it in. And the lights on my house make me feel lucky every time I drive up.

So today when we took it all down and packaged it into (perfectly organized red and green) boxes I played my holiday channel on Pandora and enjoyed the season one last time.

After a couple of hours, it occurred to me: this takes a long time!

I got a little side-tracked thinning out my old sheet music (btw: Who knows where to donate sheet music??) and making juice in my new juicer. (health kick, party of one!). But doesn’t everyone get side-tracked? This is why I have a job. Going through this stuff and deciding what to keep and what to put where is time-consuming. Our house is very thinned out and it still takes a minute. No one wants to spend a day doing this! Well, no one except for weirdos like me who love it!

So, if you still have some decorations up, even if you still have a pumpkin on your porch (I won’t tell), call me and let’s get it over with! Now is a great time to get rid of some of the toys your kids won’t miss and nic-nacs you keep out simply because it’s a pain to make a decision.

It is a pain. And my job is to make it less so.

Call me.

Nonnahs      323.230.0297


Our mom she’s so house-proud: Organizing your house

I need to know, are you house-proud?

Even if your house is not the perfect place you dream of, do you dream of it?  Are you always striving for a prettier place to spend your family time?

There must be a lot of people out there dreaming about a house without clutter because Pottery Barn is making a mint.  Because when you are selling your house, you gotta stage that business!  People don’t want to see your mess, your clutter.  People want to envision themselves living in the house and in order for them to fork over hundreds of thousands of (pretend) dollars to achieve this goal, they can’t be staring at your To Do list in the form of laundry, broken appliances and stuff to sell on eBay.  A huge part of buying a new home has got to be the chance to start with a clean palate.  Less stuff.

Am I right?  Or am I just obsessed with minimalist living?  I’m prepared for either answer.  Promise.

Nothing gives me more pleasure around my house than making it look neater.  It could always be neater.  And because this is so important to me, most of the time my house does look good.  So, I’m wondering what percentage of the population don’t make it a priority because it isn’t that important.  What percentage of you have visions of grandeur in the housewares aisle and buy a cart of Target-ness only to come home and find it looks not-really-as-perfect-as-you-were-hoping/bad?  And then what percentage of the population could give a twinkie whether or not the cabinets even close as long as they have food and a comfy couch?

Do tell!

Professional organizing is all the rage right now and sure, it makes me giggly because it’s my favorite thing to do—organize your stuff.  But, I want to help people feel better–to really help you.  So, if you have the system in place, the limits set, can you keep it up?  Is it really important to you?  Maybe it’s important to your partner.  Maybe it’s important to your mother-in-law.  What is your story?