My local NAPO-LA neighborhood meeting

You may be wondering, what do a bunch of professional organizers talk about when they get together at a neighborhood meeting.

I knew it!  I knew you were.

Last night Lelah Baker-Rabe hosted our NAPO-LA neighborhood group at her very organized apartment.  I’m thinking when I have a meeting at my house I’m going to let Zane and Darla clean the house because that is just too much pressure and I might as well just hand that pressure over to a bunch of kids who will stare that pressure down and laugh in its face.  “TEN PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZERS?!  BRING IT ON!” my kids will scream “We laugh at your judgment you OCD ladies, you!” and the 10-16 random legos that lie in wait for an unsuspecting bare heel will be their way of really letting us know that all of our or-ga-ni-zing is pretty silly if you ask them.  “Who says couch cushions don’t go in the bookshelf!  OH! You narrow minded freaks!”

On second thought, maybe I should withdraw my offer to host in March.

Back to last night, we talked about Lelah’s perfect apple pie.  We also talked about other ways to earn money as an organizer including giving presentations about getting organized, selling organizational products, etc.  Not too exciting to write about here, but it was inspirational to hang out with other colleagues and share ideas.  Cari Dawson enjoyed her first meeting as facilitator and did a stellar job of keeping us on task while letting us digress just enough.

What do you like about brainstorming with your non-co-working peers?  What do you take away from meeting with other professionals?