Self care: Fighting off a cold

People always use that phrase, fighting off a cold. But, I have never in my life been able to stop a cold from attacking my body. I have stood on my head to activate my lymph nodes. I have poured salt water through that ancient torture device, the neti pot, twice a day for naught. Oh, the humiliation and resentment!
Julie Morgenstern is the master guru of professional organizers, so naturally I follow her on twitter. Even someone as organized as me can use some good organizing tips and reminders. Well, last month she posted something about fighting a cold with a remedy she learned in the Carribean. You put a lot of honey in a tall glass, squeeze a whole lemon in there and drink it all day long.
You know where this story is going. I won’t insult your intelligence by dragging it on.
Knock me down and call me Shorty! If I didn’t fight off the cold! I can’t believe it. I waited until I was sure it really worked to write this post. Because for about 3.5 days I would alternate between feeling fine and feeling like I was just catching a cold—not sick yet, but knew it was coming. But I never got any worse that than first tingly feeling. So I kept drinking the honey/lemon remedy. For 4 days that is all I drank.
This is another important aspect of the fighting—I drank zero alcohol and ate (pretty much) zero sugar. (I had a bite or two of things people were forcing me to try lest I be considered rude! ahem)
Think about this experiment, my little personal challenge, for a minute. I am a little dumb-founded when I think about it myself.
If I can fight off the common cold, which science has been unable to cure, by sleeping 8-10 hours a night (forgot to mention that part), cutting out sugar and alcohol from my diet for a week, and using these natural, delicious ingredients honey and lemon, what else could I do for my body?
Stand back, Nonni is about to go on a health kick!
Have you ever fought off a cold for reals? How did you do it? Tell me in the comment section!