Seeking the most awesome VA in town

Hello and thank you for your interest in working for a professional organizer,

I’m looking for a virtual assistant. Please read below to see if you, or someone you recommend, might be a perfect fit for Get Organized Already, Inc..

Job Description

  • 0-15 hours a week, usually 5-10 hours a week (fewer in July, August and December)
  • Communicate mainly with me, Nonnahs, but also with other team members virtually when needed
  • Be generally available by google hangout and phone M-F 930-230 Pacific Time (of course you can do the work on your own schedule. But it is helpful if I can reach you when I’m working)


  • Final proofread of blog posts and articles
  • Format and post to WordPress blog.
  • Find, stamp, post photos as appropriate
  • Fancy-up personal before and after photos for blog use (instagram treatment!)

Social Media

  • Spread the love about blog posts and other articles all over GOA’s social media platforms using Buffer
  • Help me stay on top of comments and questions that come in online (approx 20 min thrice a week on this. Hopefully it will increase!)
  • Post photos on all our media sites
  • Edit and format newsletters (seasonally) Mailchimp

Power point

  • develop slides and slide order for presentations. Actually these are google presentations I use, not powerpoint.

Online research

  • Research local groups for presentations
  • Find links for blog articles
  • Random information searches related to the loopholes of owning a running a corporation in CA
  • check monthly for instances of copyright violation using google alerts and copyscape (or other program you like)

As important as these skills are to your landing this gig, equally important is your relationship with me, the owner. I have lots of amazing people supporting me to grow this company. I’ll let you know about a couple of them because you will not be expected to do any of their jobs. (That’s important, right?)

  • editor
  • accountant
  • lawyer
  • bookkeeper
  • husband

If you do live in LA, I may ask you to dog-sit or watch my kids. But, you can always say no to that. Ahem.

I’ve had two great live assistants so far in my business and am ready to try out the virtual kind to free up my work schedule a bit (to work at night, or not at all on some days.) Both of those assistants got full-time gigs and that’s why they aren’t here anymore. I didn’t chase them off with my compulsive organizing!

Like I mentioned, I run everything on google. I love twitter and won’t ask you to do much there. However, there will be things I ask that aren’t on this list.

Please let me know about your specific experience and your favorite ways to help your clients. Also, in your vast experience, what have you found that you do not do?

Indicate your hourly pay rate and when you would be available for a 10 minute phone interview ASAP before Sept 30th.

Send all information to nonnahs (at)

Thank you kindly, Nonnahs


6 thoughts on “Seeking the most awesome VA in town

  1. I think this is the best RFP I have ever seen! I’m writing a course for VAs entitled ‘Winning RFP’…a how-to respond appropriately to a request for proposal and I’d love to use this one as a good example of one that is well-written. Great job! Best of luck in your search!

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