The first step to getting organized (it’s surprising)

Staying on top of the trash situation in your living area is the first, most important step to getting organized.

Don’t believe it is that easy? Well think about the organized homes you’ve seen. Do they have trash laying around? Have you ever seen an over-stuffed trash bin in “Martha Stewart Living”? So, see. I told you!

Considering the importance of taking out the trash, here is a public service announcement from Get Organized Already. (at no charge)

When you go to put something into a trash can that is obviously full, please empty the receptacle.

There is no good excuse NOT to do this simple everyday chore.

sample bad excuses

It’s someone else’s chore, not mine! Think about whether it’s easier to just take out the trash yourself or to let them know they have neglected their chore? Which is better: resentment or a stinky room? (tough call)

I did it last time! Thank you! Now do it again. Trash happens every day.

I live alone. Do you want to have to handle that mound of trash later as it overflows onto the floor and the dog knocks you over as you struggle to get out another trash bag for the mess that’s spilling everywhere?

Seriously, if you have to shove the trash into the can, it’s TIME TO TAKE IT OUT. And what better way to express your love for those you live with than to handle it before it gets ugly.

Thank you for listening and feel free to share this with other trash neglectors in your life.

organizing tip #1

cut and paste for your your home


what do YOU think?

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