The Ultimate Blog Party Gets Organized Already

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

The blog party weekend corresponds with the season premiere of Mad Men on AMC. Coincidence?!  I THINK NOT. And I can’t wait for either one.

This is my introductory post: (like we are meeting on the veranda, or maybe beside the bar)

Hello Other Mother, I’m Nonnahs and I love a party. (My dress is from a clothing swap and it is fabulous. My shoes are definitely flats. I’m drinking a gin drink and not eating much because I’m talking. I talk a lot at parties.) stickynotessmirk

What is your blog teaching the world?

What have you learned at this party about other bloggers?

Where did you get those earrings? Gorgeous.

See how helpful they are?

See how helpful they are?

I have two kids who are now old enough to do chores and make their own fun. This makes me very happy because now I can enjoy them as people and do things with them more than for them.

Once my youngest went off to Kindergarten I went back to work. I realized how much I like to work and to organize things, help people. I love running a business, too. Now my daughter follows my lead and organizes her friends’ rooms on playdates. Hilarious.

Being a mom is hard work and I’m thankful for you, other mom-bloggers, to talk to about the whole thing. Most of my posts are about organizing,. here’s a video post on organizing for kids. Sometimes I squeeze in something about motherhood, like this post about Daughters and Taylor Swift which I love.

How about you. What do you do to avoid the Mommy-Crazies? What are your children like?

Tell me what you know. Let’s get this party started!

<3 Nonnahs   @GetOrganzdAlrdy   facebook  linked in  you tube

with our new dog/horse

with our new dog/horse


20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Party Gets Organized Already

  1. Hello!Found your blog through #UBP13, of course :) My name is Ashleigh and my son is 13months! I have a puppy. And currently I have no shoes or socks which is funny because winter has returned to my part of Canada! Happy organizing! I know I could use the tips as a certain little man like to make big messes. Party on! :)

  2. I love this intro and I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I consider myself organized. Sometimes freakishly so, sometimes just in an ‘I know where everything is, even if it’s in piles’ sort of way… it depends on what section of my house you’re in. ahem.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! This blog party has been a hoot! I’m loving finding all these new blogs! Your kids are ADORABLE! And I love the dog/horse.

  4. It’s nice to meet you, Nonnahs! I definitely need a friend like you, I love crafting but I’m HORRIBLE at organization! ;) I keep my mommy sanity (most days) by trying to involve my girls with most of the work and crafting I do and then really enjoying ME time after they’re in bed!

  5. Finally have a chance to check out your blog via UPB13. I love organizing, though I find it a real challenge with 3 kids (ages 10, 7, and 3). I can only imagine how much I’ll get done when my youngest starts preschool next year!

  6. Hey Nonnahs! Thanks so much for visiting! It’s always nice seeing such great people.

    As you already know, I have 3 crazed kids and a hubby. I am not sure what I would do if I could actually sit down (with quiet) and work. I think I might go into shock. That reality (or maybe non-reality) seems so far in the future. Congratulations on pursuing your dreams!

    I hope we stay in touch. I will subscribe to your RSS feed.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog I wanted to come check out your blog . :) I love how you have organizing tips because me I am literally re-organizing everything.. all the time Im never satisfied but I think it has to do with my lack of space. :)

    Happy blog hopping :)


  8. Hey there =) I’m a Minnesota girl in LA, I guess I teach about adventures around LA, product reviews and giveaways and teach a bit about photography too. =) Great to meet you! and look forward to learning more about you.

  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I’m so happy to have met you and your blog- I love the way you write. Oh, and I talk a lot at parties, too! And flats here, too. Definitely flats.

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