On red: Loosen up already!

Pasadena organizerMost elementary schools I know of have that god-awful color chart for behavior wherein the kids’ missteps are publicly displayed for their peers in rainbow form. Lovely! If my life were set up this way I would be in the nurse’s office non-stop from stress.

My girlfriend, Nona, is the same way. We love perfection. We follow rules. We are on green. And we happen to care what people think.

So, when our kids landed on red a couple of times it gave us a start. We bemoaned the blight on our families’ names for a while. And then I said to Nona, “On the other hand, how much would I love to be able to be in an official(ish) situation and just BE ON RED. Just forget it–I’m on red!

“To hell with perfection!

“But I can’t. And you can’t. We are too uptight and conditioned to please. So, we have to embrace our children’s red-ness. Enjoy the fact that they don’t give as much of a damn.

“Good for them–fewer ulcers and better parties!”


what do YOU think?

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