A home office filled with light and energy

Some before and after photos and a couple of close ups.

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As soon as I walked into this space I loved it. So much light coming from sliding glass doors bookending the room. And yet the desk was facing a wall–boring!

This client obviously prefers atypical office supplies. She didn’t want anything white or sterile looking. But, it had to be organized so she could run her many non-profits with ease.

We took hours organizing the files and paperwork both personal and work related. Then I moved some things around, opened up the space a bit and we ended up with a veritable working nirvana. The back-light makes it hard to see the finished desk space, but let that tell you how much natural light she is working with every day now.

Her supply drawers were hidden underneath a second table which we got rid of all together. We brought in a recliner from another room to make room for relaxing.

Now her desk faces out the sliding glass doors and looks onto a lake. Amazing!


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