Fighting off a cold, Part II

You remember the post I wrote a couple months ago about fighting off a cold? Of course you do because you follow my blog. (Click “Follow” in the upper left of this screen.)

In said post I talk about drinking large bottles of honey/lemon water to fight off a cold. It really worked! For a few days I didn’t have any alcohol, any dessert, and I got a lot of sleep and it worked!

I was so impressed with myself I wrote a blog post about it.

And so it is only fair that now I let you know I have gotten sick in earnest.

So disappointing! I saw people around me dropping like flies thinking to myself, Humpf! It’s a good thing I drink vegetable juice and go jogging!

The new year brings many, MANY resolutions to get organized. My phone has been ringing off the hook. And so thrilled am I with this surge of new clients I have neglected to exercise or plan time for myself all week. No time!

Well, Little Ms. Time Management, who’s sorry now?

Yesterday I felt like a truck had hit me. And still had to go act perky and organized for 6 hours.

Also, let it be noted that last night I got into bed at 9 with the Costco-sized tub of Nutella and a spoon. Health kick be damned! I feel bad and want my comfort food! I’m writing this while my huge pot full of Martha’s mac-n-cheese bakes. And while this sounds impressive and show-off-y it is really the opposite. I should be in a horizontal position with a vaporizer hooked directly to my nose via shop-vac tube.

Next time you read a post of mine and think to yourself, Nonnahs is so annoying in her self-righteous perfection. Remember this: Even cowgirls get the blues and Even a time-management guru/health nut makes a lot of poor decisions every now and then. Usually on Tuesdays.


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