Beautiful, Talented Daughters… and Taylor Swift

You know I’m a sucker for music you can dance to. In fact, I’m going to admit right now, here in front of the entire interweb, that I often listen to 104.3myFM. On their playlist: what I have dubbed Soccer-Mom-Rock. My own mother even likes it, such is the extent of its non-offensiveness, its non-punkness, its non-bad-assness.  Other parents my age are playing bands for their kids that I’m too vanilla to even remember the names of. I never liked all that yelling the first time around and was very happy listening to Wham!, Tears for Fears, and Cyndi Lauper.

So now, my kids and I car dance to whatever is on the Top 40 and I appreciate the censorship and repetition that comes with radio listening because my kids are still in the single digits. They love repetition and don’t understand most of the words. For example, Zane especially loves “Moves Black Tiger” by Maroon 5. How cute is that?

Speaking of lyrics, sometimes we can actually understand them in pop songs. And it’s at those times I am in love with Taylor Swift. If ever there was a role-model for Darla, she is it! She’s an entrepreneur, a CEO, she writes her own songs, plays an instrument above the level of a beginner, and she loves sparkles! No one is perfect and the day will come when poor Taylor will get a divorce and have a bad hair day. Still, I bet you dollars to donuts she will write it into a song and make millions. The girl is smart.

While her lyrics aren’t (usually) ground-breaking, they don’t represent girls as being dependent and creepy or as being too cynical or boy-bashing. Just sing-along-and-bob-your-head-kind-of-lyrics. And then today I heard her sing this, “People throw rocks at things that shine.”

Now, I don’t know if that is on an inspirational poster with a cat yet, or printed in a fortune cookie. But, it should be! It’s brilliant. People throw rocks at things that shine. Yes, yes, Taylor they do.

But, shiny as she is, if anyone ever wants to throw them at Darla, I’m betting that, among a few other things, your inspiration and my love will help her remember to stick out her chin, hold up her magic wand, and soldier on!

Turn it up, girlfriend.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful, Talented Daughters… and Taylor Swift

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