Getting used to the obstruction: Clutter, clutter everywhere!

For reasons that don’t matter at all, I put a clothing rack in my living room a few days ago. I put it there temporarily and I put it in the least obtrusive place. At least I thought it was the least obtrusive. The rack is tall and partially obstructs a window.
Once it was in place the (very minimal) loss of natural light and the blocking of the window itself bothered me so much that I just stood there amazed at my annoyance. I talked myself down from the ledge remembering it was only going to be for 4-5 days. Geez! What an anal retentive basket case!
Now, its 4 days later and I don’t even notice the clothing rack.
How did this happen?
My house is pretty sparse, as you might imagine. So, for me to get used to a large object blocking the flow of light and energy and that once bugged the crap out of me in only 3-4 days is pretty amazing to me. Makes me wonder what other things I’ve gotten used to around the house. What else could be shifted to improve the feeling in each room? This is where it helps to bring in an objective eye.
An objective eye could be a photo lens. Sometime if you take a picture of your space and then look at that photo later you’ll be able to see the things in your house more critically.
An objective eye could be a good friend who has a gift for interior design. Ask them to give you come ideas. Or hire a pro.
Take a look around your house. What is blocking your light? What has been blocking a pathway for far, FAR longer than you intended it to? A suitcase that isn’t unpacked yet? A box from something that came in the mail last month? Something you mean to give to someone but you keep forgetting?

Handle it. Take this opportunity to handle it. Take the stupid item to the car for your friend so you’ll HAVE it when you see them next time. Unpack the suitcase.
Now how amazed are you at the space you just reclaimed for the health of your home?


what do YOU think?

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